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HERE’S WHY WE NO LONGER NEED FEMINISM…’We Are What Feminists Look Like’ Tumblr Launched In Response To ‘Fat-Shaming Anti-Feminist Meme’

Susa J. Douglas argues that feminism has changed from what is was back in the 70s to what it is today. The way feminism is now defined is pretty complex because feminism represents the freedom for women to be sexually promiscuous, head of households, business women all at the same time. or just one. Feminism before the 80s and 90s was about the voice of women in the work place, de-sexualizing the female body and proving to be capable of the many things that men are capable of. As a result of the sudden change, feminism has been taken in by corporations and industries in order to brand a concept that Douglas calls post-feminism. She explains that it is the idea that women are now equal to men and there is no longer a need to fight for feminism. Different industries, specifically television, use this idea of a new feminism to brand women as business women, CEOs, and active in law enforcement. In turn, it masks the actual reality of the disproportion of men to women in corporate and government settings. It also hides the wage difference that still exist today between men and women. For every dollar that men make women make 77 cents. This idea of post feminism however, create a hole for advertisers, corporations and industries to create a false image of feminist women. For example, many of the shows that feature women in high ranking positions are skinny, clean cut, in some cases uptight, too serious, conventionally attractive and satisfying the “ideal aesthetic” of beauty. Interestingly enough, feminists themselves don’t see eye to eye on many of the issues that women face and the way they address them.

In an article on the a young lady named Kelly Martin Broderick, writes about getting her picture taken from a website that she uses, and used for a meme that says “that’s pretty much what I expected” under her “this is what a feminist looks like” poster. The young man who is identified to have created the mean expresses, along with others, Broderick’s weight, and basically fat shaming. Broderick takes action by getting other men and women to post pictures of themselves with the words “this is what a feminist looks like.” All types of people posted their picture countering the idea of what media has contributed which is the idea that feminists are only women, and skinny. Broderick points out that the negative comments prove that the feminism is still necessary in today’s society. Equal rights between men and women is still in progress. The meme is proof that as a society we still need feminism and we need to re-evaluate the idea of what feminism is and what is represents.


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