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Back to 125th Sreet

Back to 125th street


I remember how uncomfortable

I was the day we went to take family

photos. It was summer time in Harlem.


We walked up from Lenox to 5th Avenue,

traffic would keep us in the cab longer

than necessary.

I didn’t want to get out of that car!

I’d be given away by my lace white

and green African gown.


Daddy and mommy walked with a familiar

stride. A confident walk I had not mimicked yet.

My hands were sweating, and my mind was creating

words as if I knew what their American

eyes were saying about my African family.


Every step matched every gaze. Some eyes in

praise, others in question. I asked God that

day not to let me run into anyone from school.


This portrait, my favorite now.

Looking as I do now, walking as I do now

seeing how I see now, this portrait takes

me back to 125th where my walk

talks and says I belong.


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