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Being a recent Undergraduate and Unemployed

My exact graduation date was May 9, 2015. It was the day I was looking forward to for four years and it was finally here. During the Spring semester of 2015 I was working on my Senior Comprehension project along with my final credits. However, what I wasn’t doing on a regular and consistent basis was applying to jobs. The ones that I did apply to I didn’t get (go figure) but I can’t help but feel like I was left in the dark about real life post- undergrad. I came home expecting the best out of job hunting. 6 months was my goal to make sure I landed a job. It is 8 months now and I am trying not to let it defeat me. I plan on journal-ing my experiences and feelings so far as I come to terms with the reality of landing a job with little to not enough experience (which I hear more than I’d like).

I have no clear plan or purpose for this journal other than to express my experience and feelings through writing. Individuals who are in a similar situation as I am:

  • English, Business, Communications, Journalism, etc., major
  • Still living with parents
  • Volunteering or unpaid internship for experience
  • Not interested in teaching
  • Contemplating working for mission/volunteering organizations like: Americorps, PeaceCorps, NCCC, etc.

…may you find some inspiration after reading this, & continue to stay positive.


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