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Quick and Easy Morning Detox Coffee



I have recently been on a healthy lifestyle journey and have been inquiring about different ways to detoxify the body and keep my bowel movements flowing as necessary. This may be a little TMI, but I promise the information is worth it. Just keeping reading.

I was doing this diet called the “Super Shred Diet” by Ian K. Smith and I got to a point (around week 3 of the diet) where my bowels weren’t moving regularly. Three days or more would go by without having to go to the bathroom (and I’m not talking about urinating).  I obviously knew that wasn’t normal and I wanted an alternative to the teas that I normally drink when I want to detox. Disclaimer: I have never done a “teatox” for several days straight. That doesn’t work for me with my current lifestyle, but maybe in the future I will try that (not saying never). I just pick 1 day of the week (usually the weekend because I’ll be by my bathroom majority of the day) and drink my tea before I go to bed and the following morning the tea will do its thang. Again I do this around twice a month and pick only 1 day of the week not 3 or 7. I made the decision not to “teatox” on a regular, consistent basis based on research I’ve done on how often one should do a heavy duty/ intense tea detox; which is no more than 2-4 times a year. Again, everyone is different and has different needs so, more or less days will be effective for someone else. But doing this overtime without limit can do more harm than good. That is why I wanted something more simple but just as effective.

I wound up asking a fellow colleague of mine who has gone through a lifestyle change as well and her milestone is inspirational to me. She informed me that her sister was really into herbal remedies and different detoxing techniques so she called her and she gave me what I now call my “morning detox coffee.”

It consists of:

  1. 8-12 ounces of coffee
  2. 1/4 tsp of Ground Tumeric
  3. 1/4 tsp of ground Cinnamon (a stick should do the same thing)
  4. 2-3 shakes of ground Cayenne Pepper (if your not a fan of spicy 1 shake is fine)
  5. mix very well for spices to all come together with coffee (best if coffee is pipping hot) Tip: Once you get to the bottom of your cup or mug, the ground cinnamon will most likely collect at the bottom making it hard to continue to drink which at that point I add water to it to help drink the rest or discard of it once I get to that point.

The great thing about this concoction is that it actually tastes good and the Tumeric lightens up the coffee in a nice way (like what milk does). I personally have not tried adding milk to the mixture but if you like milk in your coffee than you can try that at YOUR OWN discretion. I also do not add sugar or honey because I have learned to acquire the natural taste of coffee (plus that keeps the calories from adding up). This mixture has been  added into my morning routine, 2-3 times a week and it doesn’t disappoint. I recommend researching all three spices in order to understand their different properties and why they’re good for your body. Good luck and I hope this helps you or someone you know!


Bonus: Name of teas I use to detox (make sure to read instructions before making tea)

  1. Ballerina tea
  2. Dandelion tea
  3. Traditional Medicinals Everyday detox tea



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