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Your Baking Me Crazy!


Now that you’ve gotten past my corny but clever tittle, lets jump right into what you came here for :).

This new but old trend of “baking,” also known as “cooking” has re-surfaced into the beauty world, although, it never really left the Drag world. Now if you’re like me, you’re really feeling this new trend and you’re watching other beauty enthusiasts and their finished makeup looking flawless, and now, you of course have to try it! And as eager and excited as you are to do it, reality faces you, laughing at your flaky face (I’m specifically talking under eye area) in the mirror thinking who done did it! Your makeup isn’t looking as good or flawless as you imagined and your face is stuck in why me mode.

Hopefully this serves as acknowledgement and realization for those who like me, have small fine lines underneath their eyes. YOUR NOT ALONE.

On my quest to find some sympathy or understanding of why my face looked an ashy mess, anticipating that I couldn’t be the only having this issue, there was no video in sight.No blog. Nothing. But there was no way that I wasn’t the only person having this issue. The only comforting video that I found was by the MUA: Wayne Goss (whom I absolutely love).

In an effort to prove that it wasn’t just a “bad day” I did an entire “beat” face and wound up finding a solution to my problem. How ironic right!? Wayne Goss mentions in his video the importance of hydrating the under-eye area so I heavily moisturized underneath my eyes, and I mean overly moisturized! just to see what would happen regardless of how I prepped my face. And because I overly moisturized, that combated the dryness that would otherwise occur from the setting powder.

I have witnessed and watched beauty videos where the person is showing a beauty routine and the individual has added baking into their everyday makeup routine. I personally don’t have the time in the morning before work to add that into my routine, and the truth of the matter is that it’s quite unnecessary.

Of course we all know the pros and cons of baking your makeup like helping your concealer last longer, really bringing out the highlight or spotlight effect on the face, and an overall flawless look. But why add an additional 10-15 minutes to your routine when majority of the time you won’t be heading anywhere important everyday after work. And besides, an occasional touch-up here or there isn’t a sin all of a sudden, it is still just as effective.

Now unless your doing a photo-shoot, girls/guys night out, performing on stage, etc., there is really no need to bake your makeup everyday . The true purpose for that technique is to ensure your makeup lasts even under the lights of a photo-shoot, under stage lights on a stage, and that makes complete sense. So for my fine- lines-under-eyes girls and guys too 😉 if you are really into the look the baking method gives you, I will ensure that you have moisturized under your eye AT LEAST 3 times… AND I REALLY MEAN AT LEAST 3 TIMES before you apply your concealer/makeup and bake.

Weather is an important factor as well. I use heavier oils to pair with my moisturizer before I apply my makeup. For example, in the Winter time I’ll use coconut or olive oil under my eyes with my Clinique face moisturizer and in the Summer time I use jojoba oil instead.  So for us there really  isn’t a way to over-moisturize because the moisture you give will help plumb up that under-eye area so the concealer and powder doesn’t settle in between the lines or cake up in a weird way that isn’t flattering.

Here are pictures of what happens most of the time when I bake my makeup… The 1st picture is a close up on my fine lines and the second is an example of the weird spots I’m referencing, texture spots is what I call them. Setting spray helps alleviate the spots so they aren’t as obvious.



Example 2



Example 2



Example 2



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