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Getting Organized in Your Job Search (5 Helpful Tips!)



Job hunting can feel like a full-time job and can easily become an over-whelming daily task, which can make it stressful and discouraging. I’ve come up with a list of 5 useful TIPS when searching for a job.

  •  Create a strategy when applying to jobs. What worked best for me was creating a Google Spreadsheet that way it is accessible anywhere I was and I could update it accordingly, especially in case I did not have my laptop with me.  Excel is fine as well but you’ll always have to have your laptop with you.

Below is an example of my spreadsheet and what I labeled in the columns. Label accordingly to what works and makes sense for you.



  • Create a separate folder for your job search emails, replies, and interviews.

One thing I noticed that began to happen when applying to jobs was my email inbox. It was getting flooded every single day with job alerts, automated application responses, etc. It was too much for me and I felt over whelmed. So I had to get pro-active and create folders/labels to organize my inbox. If I got a bunch of job alert emails from Indeed, I would move them into my Job Search folder/label to keep my primary inbox as clear as possible.


  •  It was easy for me apply to a bunch of different jobs that varied or were not relevant to one another. It was too much for me to handle at a certain point because it would be all over the place. So I decided to apply for jobs that were related to each other on certain days.
  • For example, Admin positions on Mondays and then Editing/Writing on Tuesdays, Human Resources Thursday or even one full week of one and a new one next week or just applying for different entry level positions a day, whatever you find that works STICK TO IT. In the long run it’ll help with keeping on track and organized.

4. KEEP UP WITH FOLLOW-UPS (much harder than it seems for me, for some reason)

  • Keep up with email addresses with different recruiter’s name as well as the links for the job description, specifically with third party cites like ZipRecruiter, Indeed and Craigslist, in case you would like to follow up or look at the job description again.

That was really useful when applying to jobs on Craigslist and Indeed. Instead of going through my inbox and searching for the recruiters email, or trying to find business cards, I could just look at my spreadsheet and copy the email address saving time in the long run.


  • It is extremely helpful to maintain this structure. I noticed that when I didn’t follow through with this method my inbox would be flooded and I’ll have to find a day to play catch-up with tons of emails.
  • It is especially difficult to keep this up while your working full-time because keeping track of what you apply to takes time and you have a whole set of other tasks to complete at work. So you most likely won’t have enough down-time to use this strategy.


5. TAKE BREAKS/ “reward” yourself

  • When you are unemployed and on the job hunt it is really important to give yourself breaks. At the end of the day, week/weekend. When I was unemployed and actively searching, going on interviews, networking, using different resources, etc., I would “reward” myself by taking a weekend off or even a week from applying to jobs to focus on other things like my friends, hobbies, going out and being social. Job searching is not a fast process it can take months before you land anything so giving yourself some space to “recover” is necessary.

Keep applying and don’t give up. Push through the defeat, the 20 thousandth interview and maintain your confidence in your abilities.


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  1. Great insight! I will be sending my students right to your page 🙂


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