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Good Girls Get Cheated on Too: The “idea” that Beyonce is incapable of being cheated on

Good Girls

Jay Z or should I say JAY-Z released his 13th album titled 4:44, on Tidal, Friday June 30th. On that album, JAY-Z fesses up to his infidelity and the affair he had on his wife, Beyonce.

Let it not go unnoticed that the “Bee-hive,” Beyonce’s super fans, went off on JAY-Z and attacked him via social media, reading him for filth. Now while I enjoyed much of the back-lash that he received, I couldn’t get past the fact that Beyonce is still married and very much in love with this man.

Doesn’t it seem a little too late to harass JAY-Z?

But furthermore, I was intrigued and confused by a lot of the social media posts that listed all of the great qualities of Beyonce (which are abundant and overflowing) that “SHOULD” guarantee her from ever being cheated on.

To elaborate, a lot of what I was seeing on my Facebook timeline and on Twitter was statements (Beyonce as the reference) that were saying how you can be the best x,y,z or do and have this, that and the third and still get cheated on; so what is the point of fully going into a relationship? But hopefully we can see that this a flawed and misleading analysis on a relationship we really don’t know much about.

This way of thinking is really promoting that you need to be these certain things in order not to get cheated on. BUT WE ALL KNOW THAT’S BULLSHIT. Or at least I hope we know that. What you bring to the table is not a safety blanket for infidelity. It’s not a shield. It is simply the qualities that you have going for yourself that makes you who you are.

It just reminded me of the old ideology that, in this particular case, a woman should posses domestic and physical attributes in order to find a husband and keep him happy. We’ve come to see that this is false. You cannot stop someone from cheating. Just don’t cheat. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD.

But to be fair, there’s a disconnect with celebrities and reality, even though there shouldn’t be. At least not as wide as it is now-a-days. Lets remember that regular life situations happens to EVERYONE. No one is exempt. And unfortunately, these celebrities have to keep a certain image all the time that we forget that these are people too, who go through the same things that we all go through. We all know the good girl or guy who gets cheated on. And by good we should clarify that we really mean, faithful & loyal.

There are so many celebrities like Ciara, Mary J. Blidge, Rasheeda and Beyonce who went through heartbreak and we can easily parallel them to people we know in our personal lives. Yet we treat them as if they are different than us, don’t relate to us, or have our same problems. At the end of the day, they cry and bleed the same way we ALL as human beings do.

We know people who are the sweetest, kindest, and loving, who cheat as well as not so good people who cheat. So I’m sorry if you thought Beyonce was exempt. Doesn’t mean that she deserved it! Because JAY-Z should count his lucky damn stars that she took him back. We all know that no one is perfect, but lets stop creating a false sense of security when talking about “how not to get cheated on.”







If you have a different opinion, or view on the cheating culture that seems to be present today, please share it below in the comment section below!




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