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This is a Book For All The Serial Lovers of The World


On Wednesday, August 2nd 2017, Peta Henry released her first book of prose and poetry titled, The Reflections and Confessions of a Serial Lover.

Peta Henry
Author of “The Reflections and Confessions of a Serial Lover”

Henry was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica where she attended boarding school for her primary education. She came to the United States when she was 15 years old with her family. She completed high school and attended Allegheny College for undergraduate followed by Bard College for her Masters of Arts degree in Teaching, summa cum laude.

In her book she reveals her most vulnerable and valuable experiences with love and the lessons her intimate relationships have taught her. Henry reveals her past experiences, with those she loved, those who hurt her and those whom she has hurt. She exclaims that this book is for,

“those who love others constantly, but often forget to love themselves first, and always. For those who love easily, fall easily, and lose themselves in the process of loving others selflessly.” (Henry, pg. ii)

And I must agree- love effects every single person in the world. So many people pop up in your head as you read, you become tempted to buy and send them the book. Love is universal, a language we all know too well. Henry puts a magnifying glass on the word love and examines what it has meant in her life and those she has chosen to love.

One of my personal favorite chapters (although there are quite a few) was TRUST. Any writer or artist for that matter, knows the vulnerability of putting all of yourself, your true self, into your work and giving others the green light to look into and examine it. It is not easy and we are quite sensitive. However, what pushes us is faith and hope that it will help someone else. Our stories, Henry’s story, can move someone and impact them to motivate a change or healing within themselves. That is the ultimate satisfaction and that is what you get from this book!

Peta Henry’s book can be found on: AmazonCreateSpace


You can find Peta Henry on social media:

Instagram: @peta.bread

Facebook: Peta Henry

Link to her website:



What are some of your own experiences with love? How did you overcome and what did you learn, both the good and the bad? Did you have a “happy ending” or just a different ending?


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  1. Thank you, Sundae’s Best! ❤ ❤ ❤ So much love!

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