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K.K West’s Advice On Jeffree Star Racist Past

I realize that I am really late to this topic. I kept my thoughts to myself but as a mom to be, my thoughts seem better suited in a blog than in my head. With that being said, Kim Kardashian West got a lot of heat over some comments she made on her Snapchat about people getting over the racist comments that Jeffree Star made years ago. He holds one of the highest names in the beauty industry and it has been tainted because of the nasty words he had to say about black people, specifically black women. Now, my gripe is not so much with Jeffree because I’m tired of acting surprised when someone says something racist. I’m not too concerned about him. However, what I am frightened about  is the fact that KKW felt it was her place to tell black people, again specifically black women, how to feel and to get over verbal assault from a white person who they follow, love, admire, and many other words you can think of. There is no doubt that we all have a past. However, many of us can attest that we haven’t verbally assaulted a entire group of people NO MATTER WHAT AGE WE WERE. We can forgive, yes! We can “move on” absolutely! But do we need to support him, HELL NO. And no one needs to tell someone that they should.

It was silly that she even thought it was a good idea to respond and give her two sense. He’s a big boy, he didn’t need you to save him. But we know she had a beauty product come out and Jeffree Star was one of her ambassadors. I’m sure she intended to regain a positive image of Star, do a little bit of damage control, etc.; but I question how much thought she really gave it. And apparently so did she, because she later apologized for her video on Snapchat. I understand the concept of forgiving people and letting things go; but there are some things that need to be addressed and handled with more than just a shoulder shrug.

As I sat there watching her original Snapchat videos and Jeffree’s apology video, a lot of things were going through my head. The one that really stuck with me is in particular, is that she’s a mother (eliminating her celebrity status) who has two bi-racial children and has experienced a white women verbally assault her child on a plane to Vienna. How easy was that to just shrug off when an innocent child is involved. I really want to know how easily KKW got over that situation, forgave this person and moved on? I’ll assume that this woman will never babysit your children, that you will never buy any of her products or invite her over to your house? So how can you comfortably tell black women to get over a beauty guru who blatantly disrespected black women regardless of how long ago it was? But unfortunately those who mother and father biracial children seem to think that they are shielded from the same racism that non-biracial people of color experience. That is until society shows you otherwise. But that’s for another day.

Lastly, There are many people who are white who have never said ANY of the things that Jeffree Star did. So I’m sorry but I’m not going to just move on.


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