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5 Helpful Tips to Deal With Writer’s Block!

September 11, 2017

As I embark on the journey of self publishing my first book, I have experienced, on numerous occasions, lack of creativity, aka “writer’s block.” It plagues so many of us from time to time, stopping us from taping into our literary genius on a consistent basis. However, there are different practices and techniques that help… Read More ›

Getting Involved in your community; Non- Profit Organization: Sisters With Purpose

Sisters With Purpose Inc. was founded to assist youth in Greater New York City communities successfully navigate adolescence in a 21st century urban neighborhood through mentoring and counseling. The focus is in areas of Cultural Enrichment, Violence Prevention, the establishment of Healthy Lifestyles & Relationships, Closing the Digital Gender Gap, Financial Literacy, and Etiquette & Social Skills.

Expectations vs. Reality after College

Post-undergrad expectations are extremely high and the reality of the working world is hard to handle… especially for English Majors.

Quick and Easy Morning Detox Coffee

Quick and easy morning coffee detox: I have recently been on a healthy lifestyle journey and have been inquiring about different ways to regularly detoxify the body and keep my bowel movements flowing as necessary.

My Version of Naptural85’s Confetti Hair Bun

Before the New Year of 2016 Naptural85, uploaded a very creative and innovative hair style that she titled the “Confetti Hair Bun.” When I saw the video on YouTube I was impressed with the creativity and idea of it. So of course in the true fashion of watching YouTube videos, I wanted to do it! SO I DID.

Being a recent Undergraduate and Unemployed

My exact graduation date was May 9, 2015. It was the day I was looking forward to for four years and it was finally here. During the Spring semester of 2015 I was working on my Senior Comprehension project along with my final credits. However, what I wasn’t doing on a regular and consistent basis… Read More ›