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K.K West’s Advice On Jeffree Star Racist Past

October 12, 2017

I realize that I am really late to this topic. I kept my thoughts to myself but as a mom to be, my thoughts seem better suited in a blog than in my head. With that being said, Kim Kardashian West got a lot of heat over some comments she made on her Snapchat about… Read More ›

5 Helpful Tips to Deal With Writer’s Block!

As I embark on the journey of self publishing my first book, I have experienced, on numerous occasions, lack of creativity, aka “writer’s block.” It plagues so many of us from time to time, stopping us from taping into our literary genius on a consistent basis. However, there are different practices and techniques that help… Read More ›

Dear Issa Rae, Thank You

It is inspiring to see Issa Rae’s success and find similarities between us. As a writer and creator it can get really hard to believe in yourself and I thank you for your resilience to not conform to certain labels and ideas of who we should be like. Your story resonates with many of us. You are just a reminder of how important representation is and for that I thank you.

This is a Book For All The Serial Lovers of The World

“The Reflections and Confessions of a Serial Lover” is book for those of us who love hard and have experienced both the good and the bad that comes with love. This book of poems and prose shares the healing process and manifestation of to the many different stages of love, pain, healing and loving again.

Blue Ivy Hitting the Folk; Growing Up Like a Regular Little Girl

I’m sure you have seen the adorable video circling the internet of Blue Ivy hitting “The Whip” & “The Folk.”

Good Girls Get Cheated on Too: The “idea” that Beyonce is incapable of being cheated on

JAY-Z released his 13th album titled 4:44, on Tidal, Friday June 30th. On that album, JAY-Z fesses up to his infidelity and the affair he had on his wife, Beyonce.

Getting Involved in your community; Non- Profit Organization: Sisters With Purpose

Sisters With Purpose Inc. was founded to assist youth in Greater New York City communities successfully navigate adolescence in a 21st century urban neighborhood through mentoring and counseling. The focus is in areas of Cultural Enrichment, Violence Prevention, the establishment of Healthy Lifestyles & Relationships, Closing the Digital Gender Gap, Financial Literacy, and Etiquette & Social Skills.

Getting Organized in Your Job Search (5 Helpful Tips!)

Job hunting can feel like a full-time job. Here are 5 TIPS to use when searching!

Your Baking Me Crazy!

Here’s why you may want to stop baking your makeup!

Quartz Article- Performing Vagina Monologues at a prison

“My vagina is angry!” a woman’s voice loudly echoed through a large gym at a minimum security prison in Queens, New York. Minutes later, the gasping and moaning of an imitated orgasm filled the space, accompanied by the loud, uncomfortable laughter and knee slapping of the men in the audience. Clad in black and red,… via… Read More ›