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5 Helpful Tips to Deal With Writer’s Block!

As I embark on the journey of self publishing my first book, I have experienced, on numerous occasions, lack of creativity, aka “writer’s block.” It plagues so many of us from time to time, stopping us from taping into our literary genius on a consistent basis. However, there are different practices and techniques that help… Read More ›

This is a Book For All The Serial Lovers of The World

“The Reflections and Confessions of a Serial Lover” is book for those of us who love hard and have experienced both the good and the bad that comes with love. This book of poems and prose shares the healing process and manifestation of to the many different stages of love, pain, healing and loving again.

Hair Day

On hair day I would sit in between mama’s legs and feel her fingers undo last week’s plaits. Her hands moved fast, like spiders when they crawl up walls, her hands inverted-like, experienced with age.   Like a ritual, she’d clear her schedule for the day. Just me and her. Sit still and don’t move… Read More ›

Back to 125th Sreet

I remember how uncomfortable
I was the day we went to take family photos. It was summer time in Harlem.