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Dear Issa Rae, Thank You

It is inspiring to see Issa Rae’s success and find similarities between us. As a writer and creator it can get really hard to believe in yourself and I thank you for your resilience to not conform to certain labels and ideas of who we should be like. Your story resonates with many of us. You are just a reminder of how important representation is and for that I thank you.


This is a Book For All The Serial Lovers of The World

“The Reflections and Confessions of a Serial Lover” is book for those of us who love hard and have experienced both the good and the bad that comes with love. This book of poems and prose shares the healing process and manifestation of to the many different stages of love, pain, healing and loving again.

Good Girls Get Cheated on Too: The “idea” that Beyonce is incapable of being cheated on

JAY-Z released his 13th album titled 4:44, on Tidal, Friday June 30th. On that album, JAY-Z fesses up to his infidelity and the affair he had on his wife, Beyonce.

Your Baking Me Crazy!

Here’s why you may want to stop baking your makeup!

HERE’S WHY WE NO LONGER NEED FEMINISM…’We Are What Feminists Look Like’ Tumblr Launched In Response To ‘Fat-Shaming Anti-Feminist Meme’ Susa J. Douglas argues that feminism has changed from what is was back in the 70s to what it is today. The way feminism is now defined is pretty complex because feminism represents the freedom for women to be sexually promiscuous,… Read More ›